Summer Camp & Spring Break Camp

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We are certified teachers. We offer a high level of expertise for the best possible instruction. Activities and routines are geared to the age, interests and needs of the campers.
Kung Fu
~Chinese Kung Fu implies that military forces are to be used only for the maintenance of peace and order, and puts great emphasis on the promotion of morality. Wushu ethics has a profound influence on developing a practitioner’s mind, character, moral consciousness, and spiritual aspiration. The exercise of Wushu requires endurance and perseverance, therefore Wushu exercise is beneficial for the cultivation of such virtues and unremitting self-improvement. Wushu allows you to develop strength, balance, agility, stamina, confidence, flexibility and improve coordination. It can also help individuals to excel at other sports and improve focus. Lastly, Wushu is an amazing way to develop friendships with interesting people that can last a life time. Anyone can do Kung Fu!
This program helps students build their own creative mind and focuses on bringing out each student’s potential artistic talent and customize to each individual’s skill level.
Chinese Themes
Activities like learning Chinese characters, theater and etc. are not only effective tools for language learning but also great pubic speaking exercises. These Chinese learning themes are carefully designed to capture young campers’ learning interest and make learning fun and effective. In addition, our Chinese culture class provides campers with the opportunity to learn Chinese knot, calligraphy, and other hands-on activities, which expands the Chinese learning experience.
Every week is a different subject of Chinese Folk Arts
 – Learn a foreign language – Chinese (Confucianism Classic) Introduction to arts.
 – Chinese Weiqi(Go).Chinese Shadow Play,Kite Making, Polymer Clay Lantern Making
Benefits of kungfu camp: Improves concentration and focus – Enhances confidence & self-awareness.- Increase energy, strength and lose weight – Play games and Chinese go(wei qi) –
Great environment.- Bring your own school book improve the knowledge for the after care.

 1. Sign up full week of Summer Camp get 2 classes/wk ~1 moth.      2. Sign up half day and 3days + of Summer Camp get 1 class/wk ~ 1 month.

2020 summer camp AD

Feng Yun Summer Camp 6/29-7/31 - 5 weeks 4:00 - 5:00pm

Learn weiqi with Feng Yun, 9-dan professional, former Women’s World Champion, National Champion of China, and National Champion of the United States! Children who play weiqi (go) are likely to have better concentration, logical reasoning, and memory, which also helps with school work.
Feng Yun teaches her students to recognize and apply fundamental patterns of play, and to think logically about how to combine these elements in their games. 丰云简历: 丰云-职业九段(围棋最高段位),前女子世界冠军、中国女子冠军、北美冠军,前中国国家围棋队队员,世界第二位女子九段。 丰云自2002年开办丰云围棋学校以来,培养了从入门到全美冠军众多青少年棋手。