Shifu Lin

9th Dan International Wushu Champion!

Shifu Chuantong Lin started his kung fu training at age 7 and has since received both nationally and internationally recognized awards.

Trained and Taught at the Shaolin Temple, China

Shifu Lin was trained, and later became lead instructor, at the one of the most prestigious and largest martial arts institute in the world, the Shaolin Temple Tagou Martial Arts School in Henan, China.

Stellar Reputation as Chinese Martial Artist

Because of his international reputation as a kung fu master, Shifu Lin is frequently invited to serve as a chief judge in tournaments, assessing his peers’ professional performances.

Shifu Lin has also played a leading role in a number of high-profile, big-budget, and internationally acclaimed kung fu shows since 2003.

Through his tournament performances and demonstrations and role as judge, Shifu Lin has made a major contribution to the improvement and recognition of kung fu in the U.S. community.