Shifu Lin – Chuantong Lin

Shifu Chuantong Lin is an International Wushu Champion! Shifu started his kung fu training at age 7 and has since received both national and international awards. He lived, trained and later became lead instructor at one of the most prestigious and largest martial arts institutes in the world, the Shaolin Temple Tagou Martial Arts School in Henan, China. Shifu Lin has been a professional stuntman on several Donnie Yen, Kung Fu movies. He has also played leading roles in a number of high-profile, big-budget, and internationally acclaimed kung fu shows since 2003.

Shifu Lin w/ Jet Li
Shifu Lin w/ Chin Siu Ho

Shifu Xiao – Xiao Li

Shifu Xiao Li is one of Shifu Chuantong Lin’s students from the Shaolin Temple Tagou Martial Arts School.

Master Xiao is very talented in practicing this unity and has achieved the level of integrated harmony. Because of his talent and famous reputation, he was invited to come over to the United States and Shifu Chuantong Lin believes that during his stay in the United States, all students will have a significant increase in professional skills under Master Xiao’s guidance. Master Xiao has made a substantial impact on raising the performance and professional level of Kung Fu in the United States.

Angel Li – Chinese Culture Teacher

Specialties: Chinese, Calligraphy, Chinese painting (Free sketch painting & Meticulous painting), Writing, Teaching Methods and Speed Shorthand Teaching Methods, Chinese Confucianism classic,and Chinese classic reading.



Assistant  Teacher
Victor has followed Shifu Lin for 8 years. He is a Tai Chi Fist and Sword Champion.

Herb Mauro

Assistant Teacher
Herb has followed Shifu Lin for 5 years. Not only does he have experience in Chen Style and Kung Fu, he is very calm, patient, and helps with basics.

Yuxian Zhao

Assistant Tai Chi Teacher
Yuxian has followed Shifu Lin for 3 years. He is more mental minded, calm, and patient, and is very good at Yang Style.

Justin Bitner 

Assistant Teacher
Justins kids have been students
for 5 years and Justin takes Kung Fu & San Da. He handles administrative
programs and events at
the school.

Students Assistant Teachers - American Traditional Team Members