School, Corporate & Public Events

School Events

Have Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi bring a fun and educational event to your school! Our school events are not just about awesome Kung Fu moves but focus on Chinese culture. At a recent event we held at a Warren Public school, we had the following 30-45 min class format, conducted in the gym all day long (6 sessions):
  • Have the kids watch a 3 Min video about China and its many cultures
  • 5 Min Kung Fu Show with Masters & our students showing impressive moves, sure to wow the kids
  • A 3 min traditional Mongolian dance demonstration
  • Have kids and teachers participate in a 10 min follow along Kung Fu class
  • Have each Childs name written in Chinese  
  • Have the kids try and see how many beans they can pick up with chop sticks
  • Learn to count to 10 in Chinese
  •  Play Jianzi (Chinese Hacky Sack) 

Other activities we can do are: Traditional Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Chinese Yo-Yo, Tai Chi, Lion Dance, Music on the Guzheng, Meditation, Learn Basic Mandarin.

We would love the opportunity to come to your School and share our Kung Fu and educate your students on Chinese culture. A great Chinese new year or Asian American Heritage month event! Our classes teach Discipline, Perseverance, Self Confidence, Focus and Teamwork.


Corporate Events

Wow your a creative and awesome boss! Have Shaolin Kung Fu & Tai Chi come into your business for a morning meditation and Tai Chi to make your employees relaxed and ready to be productive! Or perhaps come to our facility for a team building exercise and learn some cool Kung Fu moves. Those big corporate parking lots can be scary at night. Have your employees feel safe with a self defense class that teaches them how to get away from an attacker. Perhaps you would rather a more cultural event with a Traditional tea ceremony and large format calligraphy lesson. We can craft an activity for whatever type of event you are looking to host. Great job boss!

Public Events

In addition to our Authentic Kung Fu Masters that grew up studying Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple in China, our school trains three performance teams for public events. Our Wushu teams do over 100 shows a year all over the country for public events, Chinese New Year, Asian American Heritage month, Baseball games and so much more. Our teams train all year, several hours a week just for our live performances so we can put on the best show possible at your event.