~We welcome students ages 3 to 65+ years~
Learn authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi  from Shifu Lin, an international wushu champion who was taught and trained at the Shaolin Temple in China. All of our instructors have lived and taught for years at the Shaolin Temple in China, so you can be assured you are learning from a true, authentic, Kung Fu Master!

We are New Jersey’s Top, Authentic Chinese Kung Fu & Wushu school. We are an official training center for the USA Wushu Team Trials and are lifetime members of the USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation! Many of our students have been trained and qualified for the USA team and have won gold in the International World Kung Fu Championships held in Emeishan, China!

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Wushu Ethics

~Chinese Wushu implies that military forces are to be used only for the maintenance of peace and order, and puts great emphasis on the promotion of morality. As a Wushu proverb goes, “learn morality before Wushu is ever learned, acquire virtues before Wushu is ever acquired”. Wushu ethics is placed at a central position in Wushu training. Wushu ethics has a profound influence on developing a practitioner’s mind, character, moral consciousness, and spiritual aspiration.
“Wushu morals” can be understood as the virtue that Wushu practitioners are required to have that refers to the spiritual system of self-control and self-discipline established by Wushu exercisers. Wushu morals help young people to build the virtues of respect, credit, etiquette, tolerance and self-discipline. The exercise of Wushu requires endurance and perseverance, therefore Wushu exercise is beneficial for the cultivation of such virtues and unremitting self-improvement. Thus, Wushu contributes to people’s overall development~

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